2017-07-09 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Screw holes were countersunk so they would allow the screws to sit flush once installed. The screws were too long in many cases which lead to unwanted screw shafts inside the pipe. From the outside this was not noticeable.

Countersinking screw holes

Having the screws sit flush was worth the effort of countersinking the holes. In places like the trigger it was important to have the screws flush because a finger will be moving across that area all the time. In places like the yellow reload button, it will be possible to slap the button without smashing into raised screw heads.

Trigger assembly with countersunk screws

All the holes necessary for a complete were drilled. All the glue-ready pieces for a complete tagger were glued. All the screws necessary hold everything in place were installed. The electronics were still missing from this tagger but it was assembled and it could be handled.

This was the first hands-on test of the handle and foregrip which had been glued yesterday. They felt sturdy and reliable. Attaching the trigger switch felt unreliable though. Momentary paddle switches have been purchased from automotive part stores and some of them are low quality or the plastic nuts are very poor. In either case, it may be necessary to redesign the trigger adapter so the switch can be glued in place. Currently, there is not enough clearance for the switch to be glued in place and still be removed. This will also call for a larger hole to be drilled.

Tagger with external parts attached


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