2017-07-11 (Tu) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

Everything was released for the printed circuit boards. Technically, everything was available for the PCBs but this post brings it all into a convenient-to-access location. On EasyEDA.com, it is possible to generate a public project page for each circuit board. From the project page, people can branch off to make their own modifications to the board, download their own set of Gerber files, or simply order copies of the boards. There is no fee for downloading

 Screenshot of public project page for the controller board

Links for the Gerber files and project pages have been added to the Downloads section below. In order to get the project pages ready, some unnecessary files were deleted to avoid confusion. Two versions of the controller board were released but the homemade version should only be used if people wanted to make the board at home with basic supplies since it used thicker traces but the components were harder to insert and the silk screen may not be accurate.

Screenshot of public project page for the sensor board


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