2017-07-31 (M) Stereo Microphone Stand SterMicSta

I have been using an inexpensive microphone for my podcasting but it has proven itself reliable and of sufficient quality. The microphone is fairly directional so it would be a poor choice for interviews where more than one person may be talking simultaneously. Rather than gamble on a different microphone for interviewing, an identical microphone and an identical USB converter were purchased so the two microphone can sit across from one another and record two audio channels.

Naturally, this will cause some cross-over on the streams but that should be covered by the synchronized track.

In other words, recording with two identical microphones on two separate computers is a roundabout way to get a stereo track.

Enough background

A model was designed which would be easily transported by folding down. The center would be only 1/4” but it would room for a metal nut so it could be used with photography tripods. People wishing to use microphone tripods, or even umbrella stands, could modify the model to suit their needs.

The hinged wings, which would hold the microphones, have a socket for a nut so the hinge can be tightened and loosened for adjustments. The microphone mounting location has a 3/8” hole so an adapter can be mounted via a 3/8” bolt and loosened to adjust the microphone orientation.

The pieces should align, when folded, to complete the symbol in the middle of the wings. This symbol was coded into the model but could be removed by anyone wishing to do so.

Rotating model of pieces

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