2017-08-06 (Su) Pi0 Laser Tag PiTagErrUs

The switch adapter, which allowed a momentary automotive switch to act as the trigger, had been problematic due to the poor quality of the switches. When the switches were purchased, the plastic nut would not mate reliably and that would cause them to loosen when the switch was pulled.

Previous switch adapter

The model was revised so that the switch could be glued to the adapter but in such a way that if the switch ever failed, it could be removed from the tagger without destroying anything.This requires a larger hole to be drilled in the pipe and it may require more clearance from the handle.

Revised model for switch adapter

Four models were printed in the typical red filament and the prints came out well. Most of the switches purchased in the last year have been of low quality and this type of adapter will be needed but in the past, other switches have only needed the smaller version. When the final model package is released, both models will be included.

Four printed copies


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