2017-09-04 (M) Vector Editing Keyboard OpenVectorKB

Writing models for OpenSCAD can involve tediously adjusting numbers over and over. Those numbers are often in the form of vectors; three sequential numbers to designate the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. I hear this is also true with the Unity game engine.

The goal of this project was to make an HID-compatible input device which could change these numbers in a fast and intuitive way. Three knobs on rotary encoders were selected for changing the vectors and, another knob would change the precision. Four buttons would serve as quick-use commands. Limiting myself to four buttons was hard, it was tempting to go overboard and build a whole keyboard of useful shortcuts. Instead, a header pin would be installed which would access all the unused pins so it could be expanded in the future with a firmware upgrade.

Enough background.

A sketch was made to show the concept of the controller. Four knobs were shown as top-hats while the four buttons were simple ovals. The enclosure was crudely square with a cable coming from the side. An LED strip was run across the width as a display for the precision and feedback.

Sketch of the device

A circuit schematic was drawn in EasyEDA. This included the four encoders, four pushbuttons, a spare I/O header and a socket for an EZ-Key BlueFruit. The BlueFruit is able to take serial data and implement it as a Bluetooth keyboard. It is not vital to the design and could be excluded to save space and cost. Programming should be done for this in the future but excluding it would not harm the performance.

Circuit schematic

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