2017-09-14 (Th) Vector Editing Keyboard OpenVectorKB

Programming was finished for the first version. Eight individually addressable LEDs were attached to the top of the printed face with a couple small screws. The majority of the difficulties were when it was necessary to decide how to display the magnitude which is what is displayed on the LEDs. When the LED on the far right is red and the adjacent LEDs are blue this indicates that the editing will happen to the left of the decimal. The blue LEDs indicate how many digits out will be changed. So, for example, if two blue LEDs are showing, the encoders will change the hundreds place on screen.

If the far left LED is red, there could be one or two green LEDs to indicate which fractional digit would be changed. Think of the red LED as the decimal mark which is either a period or a comma, depending on your location.

The default output of the programming was to only allow the hundreths place to be edited and no more precise than that. More precision than that shouldn't be necessary for the average user but the code will be released so anyone could tweak the code to include more precise output. Up to seven places above the decimal mark can be edited so the output could change one million units at a time or ten million if the knob is depressed for a quick increase in output magnitude.

OpenVectorKB changing magnitude


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