2017-09-16 (Sa) Vector Editing Keyboard OpenVectorKB

The REV3 boards arrived with sockets for keyboard switches. All the switches fit neatly into their sockets but the generic keycaps ordered for this project were too large. This was not a problem with the keycaps, this was an error with the spacing alloted on the circuit board. No consideration was given to stanard key spacing when placing the switches. The standard spacing is 19.05mm which will be followed on the next revision of the board.

Cramped switches

One board was populated despite the incorrect key spacing. No switches were attached because some inexpensive generic switches have been ordered but have not yet arrived. The switches shown above are genuine Blue Cherry switches.

The first attempt to populate a board was a misstep. The Teensy socket was installed on the top of the board but it belonged on the bottom. In the picture below, the incorrect board can be seen on the right side.

Board populated with sockets and encoders


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