2017-09-19 (Tu) Vector Editing Keyboard OpenVectorKB COMPLETED

Screenshots in OpenSCAD didn't work consistently because of timing issues with slow computers. It was also problematic to save screenshots by accident when the button was pressed and the default directory was a seldom-used folder.

Instead of screenshots, the button was reprogrammed to change to a couple different modes. The first new mode acted like a mouse where the X encoder changed the mouse's position horizontally and the Y encoder changed the mouse's vertical position. The Z encoder acted like a scroll wheel. Changing the precision knob multiplied the effects across all axes.

The second new mode controlled the arrow keys for quick navigation of spreadsheets. This also proved useful when moving items in graphic editors where the arrow keys can be used to manipulate screen items.

As a general purpose device, the third mode is the most useful, followed by the mouse mode while the OpenSCAD mode is the most niche. This should demonstrate the usefulness of such a device with only four encoders and four digital buttons which could be adapted to other programs as people want.

OpenVectorKB 3:41


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