2017-09-20 (W) Electronic Business Card, 555 Timer, Busi555Rake

A second iteration of the PCB business started to take shape. This time, there would be a self-contained circuit right on the board including a removable batter.

Batteries on business cards aren't seen often, only in the most exotic cards. The BusiNFC made it possible because there was no battery holder. Battery holders stick out far, catch on pockets, and are easy to crush. Not to mention, they're so large you can only carry a couple cards in your pocket.

Batteries have been soldered into business cards to reduce the thickness but now they're not removable and the card needs a switch or it will remain active all the time. Plus, replacing the battery would involve soldering.

The Busi555Rake was designed to use the flexible nature of thin, 0.6mm, PCBs to hold a battery and still allow it be removable without tools. This also eliminates the need for buying a battery holder. The Busi555Rake got its name from combining
Business card
555 timer circuit
Rake, which describes the little fingers with brush against the battery.

All necessary files for the project can be found on EasyEDA so anyone can make their own copy and improvements. The rake design can be printed single-sided, so multiple copies should be very inexpensive.

Busi555Rake card layout

A few copies of the card were ordered and a color-changing LED was installed at the power terminals to demonstrate when the battery was installed correctly. Unfortunately, due to some errors in the rake fingers, the design was not fool-proof.

Trying to get power from a coin cell

Project page on EasyEDA

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