2017-10-03 (Tu) Hackaday Article, Electronic Business Cards

Hackaday.com has been a source of inspiration and a bar to measure myself against. When I completed a memorable project, I would submit it to their tip line and hope someone would write about me. I had a brief love-affair with Instructables but I was not exactly their demographic so that faltered.

My love of their site and what they publish has kept me coming back everytime I'm need to kill more than a minute. Airports, bathroom stalls, lunch breaks, all these have been prime time for me to catch up on what's happening in the hacker and maker world.

Hackaday has shown me some love in the past and I finally got my chance to return the favor when a call for contributors went out. I submitted a sample article, showed them this blog, and I was accepted as a writer! When my maker friend heard about it, she ordered me a donut with my initials and the Jolly Wrencher.

Custom donut!

A few of my articles have already been published but the first one I wanted to promote here was about the PCB business cards I've been making and blogging about here. Since that's inline with the current theme. This article showed some business cards I didn't photograph for this blog but they all use technology and techniques covered here. Specifcally I used pictures with the Jolly Wrencher and artwork from Two Cyborgs and a Microphone.

Hackaday article

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