2017-10-13 (F) Weekly Summary

Previously, Dawson meditated on his feelings and actions by asking himself rapid-fire questions about what he was dealing with. This was a nice way to recap in the story and show that Dawson is capable of in-depth thought. He repeated this while flying in order to sort out his feelings and screw-ups with Vani.

The character Agnes hasn’t received the spotlight often because that isn’t her character’s M-O. However, she is an interesting character with a fascinating past. It has been referenced that she came from the past, America’s Great Depression era so her sensibilities are from this time period but the temptations of the modern world, particularly sweet foods, are her weakness.

The character Roller Derby was introduced. She was another character, like Agnes, with a complex backstory which was intentionally glossed over in favor of showing that even periphery characters have a history even when the story isn’t about them.

Dawson and Heather share some windshield time in the jet and Heather talks about how she’s getting the Clary brothers to settle down. Heather admits she’s basically manipulating them into being better people. Dawson finds this offensive and stops talking. Heather carefully, and apologetically, explains that using the word manipulation shouldn’t make it sinister. She’s legitimately improving their lives which Dawson already recognized. Dawson gets over it.

Vani, Dawson, Motor, and Heather go on a double date at the end of the week. They pick Vegas as a good place to go to find some food and excitement. Heather wanted to walk the strip but grew bored because it was not a short walk and it was too hard to see more than a few things. They decide to eat at a restaurant, which actually exists, in Las Vegas.

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