2017-10-30 (M) HotelHax Cold Brew Coffee Life Hack COMPLETED

Coffee ‘pods’ from hotel rooms make mediocre coffee. They aren’t necessarily poor quality ingredients but they need to be a format which people can’t use at home, otherwise, they’d be stolen regularly. The brewing machines are usually all plastic and have minimal electronics. K-cups are the at-home equivalent but those machines can be full-featured.

To make quality coffee in a hotel, soak the coffee pod in a glass of cool water overnight. Tap water works fine as long as the tap water is decent, to begin with. Bottled water is pictured for clarity and because the little bottles were so cute.

Components to a lively morning

All the air in the coffee pod but be evacuated by squeezing it underwater or the trapped air will not allow the coffee to brew fully. It takes hours to work since no heat is involved so this is basically cold brewing. The resulting coffee will be low-acid and not bitter. Brewing it longer will not harm anything so start it as soon as you think of it and drink it when you’re ready. If you have a refrigerator, you can keep it in there for even colder temperature brewing.

Use a glass container because the provided paper cups will lend their paper flavor. The coffee can be microwaved or enjoyed cold. If you use a microwave, take the coffee pod out before heating. Do not put the coffee through the coffee maker! Be wary of how much caffeine is in this coffee especially if it steeps more than ten hours.

Ready-to-drink hotel coffee

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