2017-11-05 (Su) HackadaySummary

I've compiled a few sentences about each Hackaday article I've written this week. Rather than dedicate a whole day to talking about how I selected and wrote about it, I will just write once a week and link to the articles I found interesting enough to write about.

What Makes a Hacker
This turned out to be my most popular article to date. It explored the idea that someone willing to improve their situation rather than complain about it, is the key difference between HaD readers and people who don’t care for the site. It was coupled with a very simple hack to give it a story-line where comparisons could be drawn. Some commenters were eager to share their opinions on the hack and some talked about their own experiences with dissimilar people.

Tinning Solution from the Hardware Store
Chemistry isn’t usually my forte but this was worth exploring because it was about tinning PCBs at home. All of the ingredients were easy to find at a basic hardware store, hence the title, yet it created a valuable solution. I hinted at the idea that homemade circuit boards could be partially tinned for a two-tone look which could appeal to some people.

Interference Scanner with Clear Instructions
This was the longest video I had ever reviewed for a HaD article. The creator, BrendaEM did a marvelous job of building an optical interference scanner with meager parts yet she did a great job. This was well outside of my expertise but her video explained everything necessary to appreciate the work and understand the results.

Thermite Creates a Sword
Thermite gets most of its attention by being destructive. After all, this stuff will melt through a truck engine. It’s simple enough to make, with only two ingredients so anyone with a destructive slant can make a batch and film the aftermath. TheBackyardScientist used the self-melting metal as the material to make a sword. It’s kind of ingenious since you don’t need much more in the way of materials other than a mold and the ingredients.

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