2017-11-10 (F) Weekly Summary

Liz is still in a bad state after and goes to Jason’s and Flo’s place to get some distance from people. She is completely capable of taking care of herself. Jason confesses to Dawson that he may have been able to avoid the whole situation which sets Dawson off.

Dawson stays angry at everyone for a bit but Liz regains her composure first and helps Dawson fix the situation after talking to him on the phone. Her peculiar solution involves hugging Jason which seems odd but works surprisingly well.

Jason’s humor comes out for a change after Heather sees him hugging Dawson and Vani. His humor is overt, dry and delivered with a straight face.

Dawson is taken home by Vani and allowed to sleep but he wakes up hours later and gets something to eat. Over a sandwich he starts reading the news on his tablet and finds a whole section dedicated to Charged news.

Note: The first article in the Charged news is based in real-life events. Rich Lee, a biohacker, implanted non-Newtonian gel tubes into his legs, look it up, and his ex-wife used this fact in a custody battle to discredit him as a suitable parent. It is a disgusting fact of life that the custody lawyers resorted to citizen science as a way to take children away from their father.

Charged: DesertIrish

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