2017-11-19 (Su) HackadaySummary

I've compiled a few sentences about each Hackaday article I've written this week. Rather than dedicate a whole day to talking about how I selected and wrote about it, I will just write once a week and link to the articles I found interesting enough to write about.

Smart DC Tester Better than a Dummy Load
I can’t say that I personally need something like this device which essentially does a really precise job of pulling power from a source but the wonderful care taken to do a good job was worth the time to write about it. Plus, it fits the clientele of Hackaday.

Less Than Production, More than One-Offs
The video which this article was based on didn’t have a hack. It was mostly about the process the creator took to make a small run of parts and how other hackers may approach a similar situation. This blog usually involves making a single prototype and calling it a day. Maybe a second build or a revision creates two usual products but creating a hundred has never been done here.

Sensing Soil Moisture: You're Doing it Wrong
Electrolysis is a powerful and potentially destructive technique. One gardener noticed that the inexpensive soil moisture detectors were prone to disintegrating while in service. Failure to accurately read soil moisture in an automatic system could result in dead plants. This hacker had the idea of replacing the probes with carbon rods salvaged from pencils.

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