2018-01-06 (Sa) Weekly Summary

I picked the subject of The Meaning of Life since it was episode forty-two. The subject seemed fitting since episode forty-one was about the beginning of life. Tim and I had fun recording the episode since we didn’t have to do any fact-checking and it gave us a chance to banter. Editing took a lot longer than usual because a song was integrated with the opening sequence. The rest of the editing took longer than usual because a little more care was given than usual. Check out episode 042.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

Since the first rough draft of Charged: DesertIrish was finished, it was clear it needed to be shorter. Debut novels are usually in the range of 50K to 100K words. For that reason, one of the long story arcs was pulled out and set aside to become a stand-alone story. The story arc of repairing a ship for The Immortal was selected since it would be the easiest to trim at the beginning and most of the characters had not been introduced. The roughly extracted story was nearly 82K words so it was an excellent length.

The first sentence and the first paragraph of the story needed attention. Before extraction, the were just the first sentence and paragraph of a new story arc but they needed improvement if they were going to start a whole story. A couple of different tries were written but none seemed to carry enough power.

The new chapter one was edited. Editing was a mixture of reading silently to look for inconsistencies and grammatical errors and reading aloud to catch any poor wording. After this round of editing for the whole book, another vocal reading will be done to catch errors but it will also be recorded. Editing like this requires isolation. The chapter was split due to length.

Editing was done for chapter three. There was not much out-loud reading because I was exhausted. Another pass should be done aloud to clean up the chapter.



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