2018-01-19 (F) Weekly Summary

Digital grammar checking has been a key part of editing Charged: DesertIrish. A routine was created to edit a chapter silently then read it aloud after a few hours. The ability to set it aside for awhile cleared it from memory, and the different style of reading aloud caught lots of mistakes and style corrections.

A couple of chapters were edited while traveling through airports. While waiting, chapters were silently edited using an iPad by accessing a grammar checking website. While flying, the chapters were read aloud. Even though there was no privacy, reading aloud didn’t bother anyone since I couldn’t be overheard.

When booking a hotel room, one was selected which didn’t share any walls. This added level of privacy made it easier to read aloud without feeling self-conscious. Soft music was also played to mask any sound. Music without lyrics helped drown out the sound, and the level made it necessary to speak up.

Altogether, five chapters were edited this week. At this rate, the book should receive a full editing pass within a couple of months. Then recording can start for a final editing pass.

Charged: DesertIrish

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