2018-02-02 (F) Weekly Summary

Breaking up the editing into two tasks, silent and aloud, greatly helped the whole process. The more I experiment with it, the more effectively I can correct mistakes. Silent editing has become a mechanical process where the mistakes are removed systematically as they are found, like running the text through a sieve. Out-loud editing is much more lively. I get into the process and add emotion even though it’s not necessary. It can be fun, and I look forward to the next pass of editing and recording.

Putting a time gap between the silent and out-loud steps has proven useful. If the text can settle in my mind after a silent editing session, the next phase allows a clean revision of the rougher passages, and they become natural sounding.

The pace of editing has increased, or the length of chapters has decreased. At first, I could edit one chapter per day, but that has become two. This week, chapters eighteen through twenty-four were edited.

Here is a link to the text as it is being edited. Charged: DesertIrish partially edited

Charged: DesertIrish

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