2018-02-09 (F) Weekly Summary

When chapters twenty-five and twenty-six were edited, there were nearly four-thousand words. That is roughly sixteen paperback-sized pages. By chapters twenty-seven and twenty-eight, the two-chapters-per-day routine was established which seemed like a healthy pace.

Chapters twenty-nine and thirty had a long gap between the silent reading and the aloud reading. A long gap made it difficult. Some of the mental notes about the chapters evaportated and only left some small evidence they ever were at all.

In the first draft of this book, I was worried about chapters thirty-one and thirty-two because I introduced a plot element to speed up the story. Originally, I was worried the story was moving too slowly but upon rereading, I don't feel like it was dull at all. But the accelrating plot element was a neat shock and I even forgot when to expect it.

The next two chapters still felt the recoil of the story and made me extremely glad I tried it. Now, I think I could have written the story without the plot element but taking the risk paid off.

Here is a link to the text as it is being edited. Charged: DesertIrish partially edited

Charged: DesertIrish

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