2018-02-18 (Su) KittyCatKeeperOuter or KittyKittyNoGo COMPLETED

My girlfriend’s cat is a clever boy and a bit of a tank. He discovered that he’s strong enough to open the door to the living room. There’s no problem with him hanging out in the living room but my cat has her front claws, and she’s a holy terror who scratches furniture.

I needed to do something to keep my little monster out of the living room now that her accomplice was letting her roam freely.

A little troublemaker

I took measurements from the door handle. It may have been easier to take the measurements with a ruler and a caliper, but I happened to have a fiberglass measuring tape handy. The dimensions I was after were the distance between the handles and the diameter of the handle stems. Measuring the circumference of a single stem and wrapping the measuring tape around both handles would let me calculate those distances easily.

Measurements from door handles

I sketched the door handles and a crude outline of the device as I saw it. It was designed to loop over each handle so they cannot separate. It was also given angles so it could hang freely by one handle, the left in this case, so it could hang off that side without falling on the ground.

Sketch of design

CAD Software was used to create the design for the door hooks. Exact measurements were second-nature in drafting software as opposed to design software such as Inkscape. Fluid lines, like the ones used for the two narrow hooks at the ends, were easier in design software. Text elements were also easier in design software. In CAD, converting text to vectors was a complex workaround, but in the design software, it wasn’t necessary.

CAD screenshot of the KittyKittyNoGo

My training on the laser engravers was not long but my history of drafting, therefore vector editing, sped up the process. Balancing the laser intensity and speed was the hardest part so some scrap wood was lost.

Laser engraver in action

The most notable mistake was cutting the text to the same depth as the edges. On letters with no internal shapes, this wasn’t a problem but letters like “O” created a hole. Two unusable pieces were scrapped, and two were good enough. The surfaces were lightly sanded to remove soot. The finished product was successful and an excellent introduction to laser engraving.

Finished KittyKittyNoGo and KittyCatKeeperOuter

Foiling the clever beast

Vector file for KittyKittyNoGo

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