2018-02-24 (Sa) Weekly Summary

Episode forty-four concentrated on the past more than the future. It also featured a cyborg with serious congestion who sounded pretty rough. We explored some old biohacks that have becomes so pervasive, we don’t think of them as hacks anymore. Coffee and eyeglasses were the focus (double-pun) of episode 044.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

Two days were spent editing this week and four chapters were edited. It was not two chapters each day since the first three averaged five-hundred words each while the fourth chapter was three-thousand words alone. For perspective, that’s six novel-size pages for the first day, and twelve pages for the second day.


Finally! There was a break from editing for some projects made in the real world. The first was a functional device meant to keep cats out of the living room where one of them was destroying furniture with her claws.

I named them myself

At work, I wanted a clipboard large enough to hold an 11x17” drawing. This paper size is also known as “Tabloid.” Clipboards with this design already exist but they’re expensive and not worth the cost but producing a custom one for myself was very rewarding. In a high school class, I made a clipboard as part of a project where I learned to mix expoxy and fiberglass so this was also nostalgic to me.

Tabloid size clipboard fresh from the laser


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