2018-02-27 (Tu) TineBox Laser Cut Musical Cigar Box

Music boxes work on the principle of plucking metal tines with a knobbed cylinder. It’s possible to manually pluck the tines, and that’s the idea behind the TineBox. A laser engraver would be used to create precisely cut tines from wood or plastic. A cigar box was chosen as a sound chamber because they have a history of makeshift music.

Enough background
A vector drawing was created which had proportionally sized tines according to musical proportions. Each tine was 1.05649 times longer than the previous tine, and they were all the same width. Fourteen tines were drafted so that a full octave, plus two more notes, was created. There was no effort to make tines correspond to a specific note since the properties of the material weren’t know.

TineBox in CAD

One copy of the TineBox was cut from scrap wood which was 1/8” (3.175mm) thick. A cigar box wasn’t available, so it was a test of the wood’s ability to make a musical sound. The test failed. All sound from the wood was the same, and there was no ability to vibrate well. Revisions were in order.

First laser cut TineBox

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