2018-02-28 (W) TineBox Laser Cut Musical Cigar Box

Buying an empty cigar box in Reno was more difficult than Minneapolis. I spend 90 minutes hunting around town and found a cigar shop which sold them and gave the money to charity. In Minneapolis, there is a smoke shop on my way home from work which sells them.

Cigar boxes

Enough background
Measurements from a cigar box were used to make slots on the sides of the TineBox drawing. These slots would keep the produced part from twisting on top. The tine lengths were tripled. In the first drawing of the TineBox, each line was independent. Tine lines were made into blocks so their dimensions could be edited simultaneously. It would be a simple matter to modify the tines to be quadruple their length or any fractional multiplier.

A copy of the edited design was cut in acrylic, but it sounded dull like the wood version.

CAD revision

All the tines were moved to one side of the TineBox and narrowed to 0.3 times their original width. This design iteration was a speedy process because of the laser engraver and CAD software. Redesigning on paper with analog measuring tools then cutting with a  saw could take a whole afternoon. This time there was sound and the tines each had a unique frequency. Different material may be necessary to make something musical.

Acrylic TineBox with longer tines

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