2018-03-03 (Sa) TineBox Laser Cut Musical Cigar Box

Tuning staffs were cut so that their longest flat side corresponded with the length of the tine and the holder. This was the minimal advisable length to cut the pieces of metal althought it was perfectly acceptable to cut the tines a little longer than the staff.

Tuning staff proportions

More wire was cut using the same tuning staffs. This version was easier to cut since the wire was thinner.

Second set of tines cuts

A second set of wires was cut for the TineBox. These wires were considerably thinner than the first set. The first set were so thick that the sound didn’t last long. There was a quick “tink” and that was all. The smaller wires should allow for more duration. The same lengths were used so the comparison between wires could compare only the diameter.

Thick and thin

The underside of the TineBox was studded with the underside of machine screws and nuts. The hardware was so close together that the nuts could reliably use their neighbors to keep from spinning. Originally, this was not the intention. There was supposed to be enough clearance that each screw could have a washer placed on the top and bottom. Instead, only one washer could be used on the top of every other screw.

Underside of TineBox

DXF for TineBox

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