2018-03-06 (Tu) Charged: DesertIrish First Edit COMPLETED

The first editing pass of Charged: DesertIrish has been completed. Woo hoo

During this process, the edits have been regularly posted to the Partial file below, and that is now a complete story. It's stored on Dropbox, so who knows when that link will break. The running total of the edited words has also been tracked at the bottom of these posts. In the end, it weighed in at 78 703 words which are approximately 314 novel pages if we assume 250 words per page. If the pages were printed directly from a Word document, it would be about two-hundred pages, but that was from using a double-return between paragraphs instead of a single-return and a tab.

It was a bit scary to finish and a relief. I plan another pass of editing which will be recorded for an audiobook, and I intend to improve the writing by showing more than telling. This will be an essential editing phase and will happen before recording.

As I edited the last chapter, it was going to start the next story arc in Ernest, and it was lousy with telling instead of showing. Only the first quarter of the chapter was saved, and it was still heavily edited. The rest was deleted and written anew. Almost one-thousand new words were written in order to end the book today.


78 703 edited words which are approximately 314 pages.

Today's recording time: 0 minutes
Total recorded timed: 14:50

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