2018-03-26 (M) TowerBox Dice Carrier COMPLETED

Another maker at Bridgewire maker space was making gorgeous dice boxes, and they made an impression on me. The time spent and the results were both huge. My schtick is function and efficiency so while her dice-box was excellent, it was not what I would make.

For myself, I wanted something that was highly functional and brought a twist to an old idea. To add function, I integrated a dice tower and receiving cradle.

Enough background.

An AutoCAD drawing was made a for laser-engraver to make all the pieces of a dice carrier with an integrated dice tower. 1/4" wood would be the only size supported, but the drawings were made available so anyone can change them as desired.

Rectangular magnets were available at Lowe's. The size and shape of the ceramic magnets fit the rest of the project since they were (supposedly) 1/4" like the wood.

The first version was cut, but there were problems. The magnets were a different size, not all the pieces were the right length, and some of them were glued in the wrong place. The parts meant for the dice tower should have been cut smaller than the cradle which had to contain it. Regardless of the problems, the parts were glued together and coated with polyurethane and black stain. Magnets were glued in place however the ones in the base were reversed so they repel the tower when they should attract.

Applying polyurethane (without gloves)

Another set of parts were printed after corrections were made. This time the magnet holes were cut to the size of the magnets without gaps. Glue was still necessary. All the panels were cut to the correct length so not as much needed to be cut away with a saw afterward then sanded down. Corners were rounded with a belt sander, and two coats of black spray paint were used which went on thinner than polyurethane.

Measuring the magnets

Mid assembly to show internals of tower

Glue drying on second tower

Paint drying on second tower

There was some sticking when the tower was inserted or removed from the cradle. Sanding the raw paint job may eliminate this. A coating of wax was suggested as a lubricant, and that may be applied if sanding doesn't work. This project was definitely a success since it functioned in all the intended areas as a carrier and a dice tower.

Completed TowerBox with several dice inside

Github repository with my engraver projects, including "DiceBox.dxf"

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