2018-04-02 (M) ModuKey

Schematics for a controller board were designed. This woudl be a simple design with most pins not terminated. The Teensy-LC has two I2C ports so the user can select which port goes to which side. It would even be possible to place one port one both sides of the board. The largest portion of the schematics was the pin arrangement which allows modules to be installed at irregular offsets which can fit users' individual hands.

Schematic for controller

The schematics were converted to a board layout. An attempt at standardized holes was made. The holes were intended to allow attachments of irregular connections such as single button breakouts at any angle. The holes were 4mm in diameter or a #6 screw. There shouldn't be any trouble attaching the boards with standard hardware and not every hole must be used to attach the boards.

Since the I2C ports are the most important feature, it would be possible to make interface boards which host different controllers or even ones which aren't meant to accept a board, but feature a controller by themselves. This flexbility allows attachments like boards which feature Bluetooth or even long-range radio.

Board layout for a Teensy-LC controller

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