2018-04-29 (Su) ModuKey

When the project was in the first round of brainstorming, a lot of ideas for specialty boards were written down. These were ideas like encoders, maintained switches, and piano keys. The other day, a perpetually scrolling website needed to be traversed for a long time. While waiting for the bottom to load, the "END" key was held and it seemed like a practical time to build a board with a two-direction toggle switch so things like arrow keys or "TAB" can be held indefinitely.

A board was made which was meant to accept latching switches. They have a smaller button so it was possible to fit more on the board but they were not standard key spacing. Since these wouldn't be used for typing, that should be acceptable.

Simple breakout boards were made for the IO expanders but it still used the same bolt pattern and surface-mount components. Each IO point was placed next to a ground pin so switches should be easy to attach. These only had a few connectors for data and power.

New specialty boards

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