2018-05-10 (Th) ModuKey

The third revision of boards arrived alongside surface-mount resistors. The resistors were inexpensive parts with the following specifications 1/4 Watt power, 10KΩ resistance, 1206 footprint. These specs were not vital. 1/8 watt would suffice. The resistance could be ±3KΩ. A 0805 size resistor would probably fit too.

IO expander chips were already stocked. No solder paste was available, so the pads were tinned before the chip was put in place and blasted by the hot-air soldering station. Resistors were installed by tinning one pad, pushing the resistor into place while heating the solder then soldering the final side. 1206 resistors were easy to install by hand with a fine-tip soldering iron.

Addresses were assigned by making solder bridges across the address pads, and a felt-tip marker was used to mark the boards. Since all the serial lines are essentially connected in parallel, the boards can be connected in any order, or even rearranged after programming, and the buttons will retain their functions. This address will be important when programming functions.

Boards with chips and resistors installed

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