2018-05-18 (F) Weekly Summary

Focus stacking isn't a new idea, nor is applying the technique to microscope photos, but The Thought Emporium did a very nice video on it that was easy to explain and had some great examples to show for it.

The Thought Emporium had a second microscope video about getting some high-end features from an entry-level scope. Sometimes, it is not how much you pay; it is how much work you put into improvements. Also, I can't believe they let me use that title.

Shady technology manufacturers could be putting used memory chips into their devices, and it may be possible to test them soon. There could be class-action lawsuits if manufacturers are exposed as selling used parts in new devices.

Electric eels have a weird reputation because of cartoons and their ability to stun their prey with electricity. This soft robot is not dangerous and was built to swim alongside marine wildlife without doing any harm. It has a unique way of flexing its artificial muscles.

The second Modukey got a case designed and cut to the exact specifications of the key arrangement. On the left was a section for the controller board where the Teensy could protrude and allow USB connection. Next to that was space for six columns of keys. On the right side, there was a mirror image of the six key columns and on the far right was prototyping space. Prototyping space will contain latching switches.

 Wooden platform for keyboard halves

Circuit boards were installed into the wooden platform pieces. Each half was linked with a salvaged audio cable. Large holes had to be drilled under the spot where the wires attached since the clearance was so tight and the wires needed bending room. The boards were soldered together with short lengths of wire bridging the gaps.

Assembled keyboard halves

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