2018-05-28 (M) ModuKey

There was a small list of improvements for the enclosure. In the old version, the screw holes broke out the sides because there was no accounting for countersinking diameters. This might not have been a problem with plastic, but wood broke away. The clearance on the left and right between the keys needed to be tightened up to hide the keyboard.

Countersinking updated enclosure top wood layer

In addition to the parts which had been updated, a decorative cover was going to be cut which would be made from a semi-mirrored adhesive sheet found in a local surplus store. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen anything online which matches this material. The cover would be printed without any screw holes and was intended to adhere to the top of the keyboard once it was assembled.

CAD view of enclosure decorative layer

The material was cut, and it matched the wooden enclosure in shape and size except for the screw holes. The protective paper layer was left in place, so the picture doesn’t look very impressive, but it should fit perfectly when applied.

Taped decorative layer on top of wooden parts

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