2018-05-29 (Tu) ModuKey

Not every button was responding when the board was tested. Fortunately, all the buttons report to the serial terminal so it was a simple matter to find out which weren't working. Small pieces of tape were placed on each button which wasn't responding. The problem was that some of the pins of the IC expander were not seated properly so they weren't making contact. A narrow-tipped soldering iron put them in place. The only ICs where this was a problem, was the 16-point ones.

Taped buttons weren't responding

A decorative cover was applied to the top of the left side keyboard. Some of the keycaps had to be removed in order to get it in place. This covered the screw holes so when the enclosure needs to be opened, it will have to open by loosening the nuts from the bottom or removing the adhesive cover.

Cover and keycaps installed

After tightening the screws on the enclosure, the buttons stopped responding properly. The inputs were erratic and even tried to cut (ctrl x) all the icons from my desktop. These problems will have to be addressed before any more programming happens on the keyboard. It may even be wise to remove the modifier keys from the program so any shortcuts cannot be activated.

Erroneous and troublesome output

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