2018-06-03 (Su) ModuKey

The rest of the keys were programmed and tested. Only the M key failed to test. This was likely a case of a bad connection on the bottom of the board. Aside from that missing key and no "Enter" key, everything else in this paragraph was typed on the prototype keyboard. This makes it the first blog to be written by the project itself. The next keyboard, which will include an "Enter" key, will be able to write the entire post.

Mostly functional keyboard setup

The malfunctioning M key was going to wait for the next trip to the hackspace to get fixed but a soldering iron was handy in the hotel room. A make-shift soldering station was arranged with an inexpensive iron, a soaked rag, and a paper napkin on top. Fortunately, a fine tip was available for the iron.

Soldering station in a pinch

While soldering the connection for the M key, it seemed like a good idea to reprogram the second Spacebar key on the right-hand side to become an Enter key. So that's what happened, and just like that, the keyboard had everything but number and some symbols. Programming different mode will become important so things like a ten-key pad will be available when changing modes.

Duplicate Spacebar reprogrammed as an Enter key

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