2018-06-23 (Sa) Weekly Summary

I was in the spotlight this episode. The whole thing was about my long-range RFID project since it is intended to be used for implantation and advancing recreational cyborg technology. The project is still being built, and there are fears that it won't work at all for what I want or it will work so poorly that no one would want it. But there is value in learning that too.

Here is our unedited video recording (24:51) and here is the show page for the edited podcast with episode 051.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

Thermochromatic dye changes from one color to another when it changes temperature, but there are not a lot of things which can be measured just by looking at them. When I saw fibers that changed color as they stretched, I wanted to write about it. The effect is the same as peacock feathers, and that emerald green color can be seen in the photos of the fiber.

Hackaday is home to many robot hacks featuring IKEA parts so when I saw industrial robots assembling IKEA furniture, the way it was intended, I had to write it up with a few puns in the title. More important that puns, this is a sign that more complex robots could be coming to our homes.

Touchscreens seem to me to be the most popular mobile gaming hardware since most people have one and it is nearby when there are a few minutes to waste. That does not mean they are well-suited to the task. Adding a couple shoulder buttons can help it feel more like handheld gaming hardware without a high price tag, and more importantly, without taking a lot of room to carry.

A revision of the hardware, REV 0.04, took place on some of the boards. Many of the problems spotted in REV 0.03 were corrected, like the impossible-to-read labels on the individual pins and some of the faulty routing.

Latest revision to PCBs

After placing the keyboard into a checked luggage bag, some repair was necessary. One keyswitch was snapped through a connector, and another had the keycap stem broken. Both were replaced. A new light was soldered to a connector. This light was much smaller and did not get in the way of typing.

Changing modes and changing color

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