2018-06-24 (Su) ModuKey COMPLETED

This keyboard became my primary keyboard at work, and in fact, I have been writing most of my recent posts with this keyboard. After using it regularly, some of the problems became apparent. Most notably, the numbers were difficult to get to. Switching to the second layer, or mode, provided a numpad, but switching to the second mode meant switching through all the other modes to get back to ordinary typing. This was cumbersome, especially when typing part numbers which often contained a mixture of numbers and letters.

To experiment, the keyboard was reprogrammed to ignore the third and fourth modes, which I wasn't using, and the MODE button became a temporary shift which temporarily allowed me to type on the second layer. It also changed the LED color dramatically. For the most part, this filled the necessity of typing numbers, but I still cannot type the symbols made by shifting the numbers.

Circles were cut from some white electrical tape the same way the black circles were cut. The white looked clean, and the typing was already learned, so no writing was put on the key covers.

The programming for both modes was added to GitHub.

Mode key acting as a mode-shift

At some point in the future, I may revisit this project, maybe even try to capitalize on the idea. I plan to keep it open-source, but offering kits with everything necessary would be valuable to some people and open up the world of custom-made keyboards to many new people.

If you don't trust me to keep this free, download your copy now.

ModuKey on GitHub

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