2018-07-08 (Su) UHFImplant

Code was glued together so that when a tag is read, it will display its EPC, or Electronic Product Code on the included display. This data is easily rewritable, unlike the serial number, so it will not be used for the final code. A video was taken which demonstrates two different EPCs being read and displayed. The tags were labeled so it's possible to see that the reads were accurate.

Power on the antenna was still set at 5dBm. The stock code for the scanner waited for input from the USB port, so that portion was removed. It was replaced with a countdown timer displayed on the screen. This was done because a computer's USB port cannot handle the full power of the scanner so it will have to be given external power from a battery or wall adapter. Adding a countdown acts as a reminder that the scanner will "brown out" if it tries to relay on a computer's USB port.

The video below is only forty-five seconds long. It was the first take, just to get something shown which does a better job of demonstrating than still pictures.

Video demonstration of tag reading

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