2018-07-04 (W) UHFImplant

When the enclosure was drilled yesterday, it was a classic example of measure once, cut twice. There was a rush to get everything drilled and secured but spacing issues were not properly considered. Once installed, the bottom of the scanner touched the cooling fan so the scanner had to be moved up half of an inch or one centimeter. Speaking of the fan, it was installed backward so it was exhausting air instead of pushing it over the scanner. Drills and screwdrivers fixed these issues.

Mounted after move

Another issue was that the USB port on the Arduino was not accessible with a standard printer cable because it was so close to the top. A right-angle adapter would have worked but one couldn't be found. Instead, a hole was drilled at the top of the enclosure so a cable could plug into it from the outside.

Accessible USB port

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