2018-07-11 (W) UHFImplant

The lid from the electrical enclosure was painted green. The color is not relevant, but it should look nice indoors. A paint and primer combo was purchased to make the whole step go in one pass. It was also a paint meant to adhere to plastic. Unless necessary, the rest of the gray enclosure will not be painted.

Painted lid

An old garage door remote, which already had a broken case, was tasked for this job. The button had worn out due to some water damage so it was waiting for a project. A yellow arcade button was given wires and compression fittings for one end.

 Button, remote and lid

The broken button from the remote was removed and screw terminals were installed since the spacing was almost perfect. Screw terminals will make it easy to rewire in the future. Two wires will also have to connect to the inside of the enclosure so the screw terminals should make that installation easy.

Soldered board and switch

Components were installed into the lid. A hole was drilled in the center for the arcade button. The garage remote was adhere to the lid with adhesive anchors and zip-ties. While this was being assembled, the remote was in range of the garage so there was unintended action by the door. Oops.

Underside of lid with components

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