2018-07-24 (M) Alternative Sensory Business Cards FAILURE

This post is not about how to make something cool. This post is about how I tried to make something cool, failed, but I felt the procedure was at least worth posting.

My goal was to modify the NFC PCB business cards so they would not rely on lights, since not everyone wanting to sense fields may want to use their eyes or be able to see.

Enough background

An assembled NFC sensing business card, a first generation model, was sacrificed for this attempt. The phone in for this lab is a

A small vibrating motor was soldered in parallel to the LED in the hope that when the AC flowed through the circuit, the LED would take half of the wave while allowing full power to flow through the motor when the current flowed the other way. It was not successful.

Motor on top of LED

A series circuit with the motor and a range of capacitor was connected with the hope that even a small capacitor would be sufficient. It was not successful.

Capacitor in series with motor

A bunch of capacitors were also put in parallel to the motor. It was not successful.

Capacitor in parallel with motor

The motor was put in series with the capacitor to try applying a rectified wave. It was not successful.

Motor in series with diode

Lastly, a piezo element was placed across the empty LED pads. I had low hopes since even if there was enough power to actuate the piezo, the frequency would be orders of magnitude too high for a person to hear. It was not successful.

Piezo element as sole device

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