2018-07-29 (Su) Resistor Code Tattoo COMPLETED

In school, I had trouble remembering the resistor color code. Even though IMT resistors are giving way to surface-mount resistors, there is still a need for the code. Plus, it is a rainbow with the Roy G. Biv colors, except for indigo. A year ago, I commissioned my designer friend, Sarah White, to make me a stylized version of the code. I had the idea of making each number the corresponding color and she did the rest of the work to make it look amazing. I paid her commission price with a 20% tip because artists deserve to get paid for their work.

Commissioned work by Sarah White

I tried my own hand at the design but it didn't have a stylish look. It was merely a system font with a different color for each number. While that was completely functional, this was going to be on my skin for awhile and it was worth the money to make it look a million percent better.

Before the last two numbers were filled in

I am very pleased which how it turned out. The only change the tatoo artist, Jeff Marek, made from Sarah's design was to replace the shaded halo with a bold outline. We also debated filling in the nine with white, since it would be so close to my pasty skin. He had the good manners to not call me pasty.

Tattooed arm a couple of hours after the parlour

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