2018-07-30 (M) Charged; Ides

Charged: Ides is going to be the first story in the Charged universe. It has already been written as part of Charged: DesertIrish, but it is going to be set apart for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that Charged: DesertIrish is the right length without this section. Secondly, this is a standalone story. Thirdly, it gives me a place to get a feel for some of the editing I want to do. I recently read a book about writing better visuals, and by segregating this part of the story, I can edit away without fear of inexperience destroying the main story. It is basically a proving grounds for myself.

Since Dropbox has burned me a couple times when it comes to breaking my links, I will be keeping the story on GitHub. I am uploading a plaintext file so anyone can drop this into the viewer of their choice.

Charged: Ides on GitHub.

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