2018-08-03 (F) Weekly Summary

H2gO Keeps Us From Drying Out was a project by my friend Angeliki Beyko. Her company gave her time to work on this pet project and get paid so they could add it to their blog. That is pretty darn cool. It is a lighted reminder to help someone drink enough water throughout the day.

Custom keyboards are awesome. I am typing on one right now. I found a link to this in the HaD tip line, so I had to check it out. The total length of the videos was longer than I usually tolerate, but they were entertaining and enlightening, and I even learned a few things, so it was definitely time well spent.

I got another tattoo. This was taken today, so the bruising is gone, but the scabbing is apparent if you zoom in. The colored numbers correspond to the resistor color code. This was another project that a friend had a hand in. Sarah White did this design, and I am happy to wear it forever.

The inner part of my upper arm

I spent time getting back into fiction writing. Editing in this case. I love my Charged universe, and it deserves some more work to help other people get into it. Right now, I am editing the portion of the story that happens before Charged: DesertIrish, which is a novel. The part before, which I am calling Charged: Ides, is a short story about the family and how they get into some trouble because of their powers. I like the story, and it is an excellent place to warm up my editing skills before I tackle the novel next. So far, I have edited a couple chapters and put them on GitHub in a text file. As the editing continues, the GitHub will have the most recent versions.

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