2018-08-21 (Tu) Vertical Split Keyboard FAILURE

The keyboard was intended to be constructed with wooden dowels at the bottom so there would be clearance between the desk and keyboard. Straight metal braces were going to be attached to the sides of the wooden platforms and the ends of the dowels. Two dowels were drilled.

Drilling dowels

The drilled dowels turned out to be unncessary since the keyboard which had been cut in half no longer worked except for the CAPS LOCK key. Maybe this should have been obvious, but it wasn't. Anyone considering this should know that cutting the keyboard apart will destroy it. It should be possible to wrap the unused portion around so the buttons are not accessible.

One working key

This project is recorded as a failure since the hardware would not operate as intended and there was no keyboard produced.

Overall, the project produced nice looking platforms which connected nicely with easy-to-source hardware. Since the hardware is standard, making adjustments is simple. A regular 1/4-20 coupler nut went between the camera mounts and a variety of postions were possible with the simple coupler. A pair of couplers joined with a long threaded rod would allow the halves to be seperated even more.

A variety of positions

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