2018-09-30 (Su) POVFan Electronic Hand Fan

An Arduino program was started which could light up the LEDs with the Adafruit DotStar library. Some errors with wiring made this take longer than necessary but the example program made it possible and the startup guide showed that it was controlled just like the NeoPixel library which has been used in past projects.

One difference was the necessity to verify that the library was being properly implemented. In the picture below, line 11 ends with "DOTSTAR_BGR" but the BGR portion indicates that the Red, Green, and Blue bytes are transmitted in the reverse order which is usually R→G→B. Fortunately the library accounts for this and nothing unusual  needs to be done while sending colors.

Another peculiarity was that the example sent the color as a single integer while NeoPixel examples used three comma separated values for red, green, and blue. It turned out that there as no difference between sending a single value or three comma separated values.

EasyEDA project page for POVFan Electronic Hand Fan

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