2018-10-02 (Tu) POVFan Electronic Hand Fan

Solder bridges were cleared with a regular soldering iron. The serial port was connected and an attempt was made to burn the Arduino bootloader. Of course, this didn't work. After some research, the bootloader must be uploaded through an In-System Programm (ISP) which connects to different pins on the POVFan. Not all of these pins were easily accessible on the board so the schematic was revised to include an ISP port.

POVFan schematic with ISP port

PCB layout was changed for the ISP port. Since the port will not likely have header pins soldered to it, it was not vital that the port be exposed but there was plenty of space to keep it accessible even when fully assembled. This port should only be necessary for burning the bootloader once, after that, a Bluetooth bridge can be used to access the board even while it is spinning.

POVFan board layout

Copies of the board were ordered. The top silkscreen layer includes the text, "REV2" near the bottom as well as some S-symbols to help differentiate it from the first revision of the board currently sitting in my workspace.

Rendering of POVFan layout

EasyEDA project page for POVFan Electronic Hand Fan

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