2018-10-13 (Sa) Weekly Summary

Tim and I reference lots of implants in our show, so we thought it was high time we dedicated an episode to talking about the implants currently available to everyone. Our list was limited to the implants which could be ordered or purchased in a piercing gallery, and excluded one-off implants, even if they were successful.

Here is our unedited video recording (33:25) and here is the show page for the edited podcast with episode 055.
Brian - Left _____ Tim - Right

This article was a strange find on the IEEE Spectrum page. Normally, their articles are write-ups of press releases for colleges and research institutes but this one was a neat trick as covered by the author. It was a solid hack, so I wrote up an article for it.

From the Hackaday tip line, I grabbed this cute little robot from a couple of months ago. It was a cat-like robot which was given some beefy processing power to teach it to walk, but not just move from place to place, it did it efficiently. The learning program was Genetic Algorithm, and the project was for a master's thesis.

Soldering for the next keyboard continued. The IO expanding ICs were installed on eight boards. The boards already had resistors installed from a while back. The only soldering left, is the links between the boards, keyswitches, and any fixing that is inevitable.

Eight chips with IO expander ICs

This keyboard will be mounted on two wooden platforms, and shown before. The boards were drilled and the circuit boards were placed on them but not securely. They will have to be detached in order to add more parts, and they will also have short standoffs under each board.

Top-mounted ICs

A one-day project was posted where I took a 6-32 machine screw and added thin wire to make it fit snuggly into and 8-23 threaded hole. This worked because the threads per inch (TPI) was identical so the approach will only work in a few instances. It is the kind of hack that comes in handy when you have a cool looking switch and an appropropriate, and inexpensive knob, that you want to combine.

Finished switch with knob

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