2018-10-16 (Tu) ModuKey

Data wires were run from the boards yesterday so it was time to add wires from the spare IO points on circuit boards with only four switches. Each IO expander chip can read eight or sixteen inputs and the four-switch boards have 8-point IO expanders so a ground and four wires were run to a simple board which hosts four switches but does not have any circuitry for an IO expander. These simple boards are basically breakout boards for the switches and could easily mount keyswitches to any project.

Shrink wrap tubing around aux board wires

Auxiliary wires were added to the circuit board at the top of the keyboard. This board was not intended to have any keys when the keyboard was designed so the wires are being left alone at this point. There are several choices of which kind of board to attach. Like the previous aux board, a 2x2 board could be mounted near the top, or there are two configurations of 1x2 boards and a standard protoboard could also be used to mount any kind of hardware.

Aux wires and board possibilities

A sketch was made which showed which boards on this side of the keyboard would receive which address. Notice that the angled board in the lower right corner has no address, this is because there is no IO expander on that board and there are no boards shown next to the top-mounted board, 1, for the same reason.

Address numbering for boards

ModuKey on GitHub

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