2018-10-22 (M) ModuKey

Continuity between the voltage and ground continued, and it was assumed to be a problem with known mislabeled pins on the 4x4 boards. This was the fault of some copy-paste errors where blocks of pins were copied and labeled incorrectly. In essence, the voltage line was swapped with the data clock line, and the ground line was swapped with the data line.

Description of the mislabeled and mispositioned pins

Once the mislabeled pins were sorted out, there was still a short between the voltage and ground lines. This was traced by desoldering voltage wires between the boards until the problem went away. The problem was found on one of the 4x4 boards which had to be completely separated by removing four board-to-board jumpers.

Separated 4x4 boards

A small solder bridge was located on one of the IO expander chips. A magnifying glass and a flashlight were necessary to see the tiny bridge which was lower than the rest of the solder and easy to miss.

Small solder bridge

Once the solder was cleaned up, the continuity error went away, and the board could be powered. The startup sequence ignited the onboard LED followed by a signal to the 8-position addressable LED strips at the top and bottom of the wood boards.

Operational lights

ModuKey on GitHub

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