2018-11-12 (M) Magnet Fish Spectacular

A new teammate, who wished to remain anonymous, came out for a day at the hackspace where he and I built a mount for the motor. We didn't have a plan for building it, but I said it should have the ability to adjust in height to accommodate for the floor, anything under it, the height of the pool and any other factors we couldn't predict. He also brought up the point that it should allow for adjustment to the pitch of the motor and it seemed wise.

Teammate measuring base

We agreed on a sturdy base built of MDF with four threaded rods, in the form of carriage bolts, sticking straight up. A wide base was cut from a 2'x4' piece, and the bottom was drilled partway through so the carriage bolts would be flush with the bottom of the board.

Carriage bolt holes in base

Riding along the threaded rails, we were going to place a couple of angle brackets which attached to another piece of wood which would hold the motor. The selected motor was not tiny or weak, so appropriate lumber was selected. No jigsaw was available, so it had to be cut with a coping saw and shaped with rasps by hand.

Coping saw cutting out motor slot

The finished mount can be seen in the flyby shot below. The motor and associated disconnect box were taken from a previous project. Height and pitch adjustments for this mount worked wonderfully.

Rotating view of motor mount with motor

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