2018-11-15 (Th) Magnet Fish Spectacular

Attaching a wheel to a driven axle has been a challenge in the past. This time, it was acceptable to use a method which didn't have positive traction. Slippage as totally acceptable since there would be minimal tension. The idea was to buy a rubber tube and feed a machine screw through the middle. When the hardware was tightened onto it, the rubber would add the necessary friction as well as centering the machine screw. 1/4-20 hardware was going to be the axle since the motor's axle was 1/4-20 although it was left-hand threads, so a special coupler was ordered which had LR threads on one side and RH threads on the other.

Left-hand to a right-hand coupler, rubber drain plug, and hardware

The wheel was brought to a hardware store so that a drain plug could be purchased which had roughly the same diameter as the wheel socket. It had to be slightly smaller so it would fit.

Drain plug and wheel

All of the hardware was installed through the wheel. Fender washers were used on both sides of the wheel, and a long machine screw ran all the way through so it could reach the motor coupler. A nut was used on the backside of the wheel. That same length of the threaded rod will connect to the threaded coupler.

Drain plug and hardware

The work was thoughtfully inspected by my roommate who had concerns but overall seemed pleased by a new thing to look at.


The wheel seemed true to the axle, at least at low speed and under virtually no pressure. This should be sufficient for a hack day but should not be considered good quality for a permanent installation.

Wheel spin test

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